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Staple Wardrobe Must-Haves This Season!

minimalist fashion

Each season brings new fashion trends and new reasons to buy clothes. However, maybe you are looking to adopt a minimal aesthetic and keep fewer clothes in your closet so your life is a bit more clutter free. If your goal is to have a minimalist wardrobe, then the key is to choose a few basic pieces each season that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Decades Inc. is here to share the essential must-have pieces from this season that can fit into your capsule wardrobe. Keep reading to learn more.

What Do We Mean by Minimalist Wardrobe Must-Haves?

First off, what do we mean by minimalist wardrobe? And what are must-haves? To give you further context, a minimalist wardrobe contains just enough clothes so you can build an appropriate outfit for every occasion. It's all the clothing that you can't live without, but none of the extra!

Staple pieces can be worn no matter the trend or season you're in, but you should also have a few pieces that can fit into the latest trends. Minimalist must-haves are simply these items that meet minimalist style and trending fashion.

Another popular synonym for a minimalist closet is a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes usually have items that are ideal for a clothing swap. With only a few garments, you can make a wide variety of outfit combinations according to your personal style and the latest trends. Having a minimalist capsule wardrobe is ideal for those who travel a lot or don't want to be constantly buying new clothes, but want to have some style.

How to Begin Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a minimalist summer wardrobe for 2023 can feel like a daunting task at first, but you just need to start with a few great articles, like one pair of wide-leg trousers or a beige trench coat. Here's a simple guide to help you get started:

  • Tops: A simple T-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a sleeveless top, and a comfy collared shirt can be paired with a light jacket or oversized blazer.

  • Bottoms: A pair of jeans and a pair of chinos with a neutral color palette is an excellent start. For women, you can add a skirt or a pair of shorts.

  • Dresses: For women, sundresses are always a safe bet for the summer months. You can also include a maxi dress or rompers for some flair. And every closet needs a little black dress.

  • Footwear: Men can get away with only having a pair of sneakers and a pair of dressier shoes. For women, a pair of high heels, ballet flats, and sneakers are must-haves for your minimal wardrobe.

  • Accessories: For the minimalist aesthetic, plain rings and necklaces can go a long way. Bags, hats, and shades are also great minimalist wardrobe essentials, especially for summer. Add one or two statement pieces for that extra flair of personality.

  • Swimwear: Creating a minimalist wardrobe for the summer wouldn't be complete without swimwear. Find one great basic suit for your closet.

What Are Some 2023 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Minimalist Fashion?

If you're going for an all-year-round minimal closet, then you should also consider items that can be worn for all seasons, not just summer. Make sure to include a winter coat, gloves, scarves, and other essentials.

When shopping, be sure to find quality garments and avoid fast fashion as much as you can. You don't want a closet filled with subpar apparel. Since you're going to wear these items repeatedly, make sure to buy durable clothes. You can even look for gently worn items sourced from ethical brands and previously loved pieces from sustainable brands. For women, you can reuse maternity clothes by having them altered.

Minimalist Wardrobe Checklist for Summer 2023

Here's a handy capsule wardrobe checklist you can use.

  • Shirts – long-sleeved sheer top, oversize collared shirt, band T-shirt, and short-sleeve blouse.

  • Pants – relaxed jeans and wide-leg trousers.

  • Skirts – All about the maxi!

  • Shorts – knee-length.

  • Shoes – high-heels, sneakers, cowboy boots, and comfy sandals.

  • Hats – baseball cap and straw hat.

  • Sunglasses – sleek and sporty.

Visit Decades Inc.

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