Why TV Shows Like Love Island Are Turning to Pre-Loved Designer


In the summer, ITV's "Love Island" television show made history for the fashion industry. It has been the first to use pre-loved clothing for its contestants. Designer Amy Bannerman outfits the islanders in chic pre-loved designer items such as pre-owned Louis Vuitton clothing. The surprising thing is that all these pre-loved items were all bought from eBay. Known for its use of fast fashion, the show’s remarkable move is set to become a huge force for sustainable clothing.

The popularity of pre-loved design has grown significantly over the years. There are several pre-loved pieces retail sites have dedicated solely to helping people find vintage items at affordable prices. This is great news for those who love to keep a luxury closet but don't want to spend too much money on new designer goods.

In this post, we’ll talk about why famous shows are cashing on pre-owned luxury items. Plus, we’ll give you the best place to buy pre-owned items or vintage pieces.

Why Is Buying Pre-loved Goods a Trend?

Recently, millions of shoppers around the globe are turning to second-hand shopping, and some brand owners endorse it too, but why is this a trend? Let’s take a look below:

Better for the Planet

If we look at Love Island’s designer moves, perhaps their purpose is to promote better shopping habits to save the environment from massive waste and pollution. When we buy pre-owned goods, we create a circular economy and keep used clothing out of the landfill. It’s a sustainable way of sporting fashionable clothing from a particular luxury brand.

Encourages Reusing & Recycling

People often sell items that are no longer needed but still durable and in pristine condition. If you buy them, you're helping the environment by reusing materials instead of using even more natural resources to create new ones. 

Prevents Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is high on trend, but low on quality. This means that the clothes are made cheaply and quickly, so they are likely to fall apart or be out of style before long. By buying second-hand items, you can help slow down this cycle and invest in higher-quality items that last longer and help reduce environmental waste.

Give an Item a Second Life

Another benefit is that your purchase is giving someone else's old clothes a new life. In many cases, the clothes have only been worn once or a few times and are in excellent condition. Buying them will give these items another chance of being loved in your luxury closet. This means less pollution being dumped into our environment.

Cheaper Asking Price/Retail Price Than Wholesale Designer

If you buy something brand new, you're paying for the cost of manufacturing and distributing it. With a pre-loved product, however, those costs have already been paid — which means that retailers can sell them at lower retail prices without sacrificing quality or performance!

Easy To Find

Pre-loved pieces such as designer bags and clothes are now easier to find than ever. It’s because designer resale sites like eBay now venture into secondhand selling.

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