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How Has Instagram Amplified the Trend of Online Thrifting and Resale?

Eco-consciousness is at its peak, and many people are moving away from fast fashion and toward sustainable clothing. Two trends to pop up recently on Instagram are online thrifting and resale. 

What is Online Thrifting?

The idea of thrift stores — a shop selling second-hand clothing, home decor, and other household items — has been around for centuries. While it was initially introduced as a way to raise money for charity and provide affordable shopping for low-income earners, the concept evolved in 2017 during the rise of influencers. 

Today, you don’t need to visit brick-and-mortar stores to go thrift shopping. You can go on Instagram, find local thrift accounts, and shop designer items from there. Because of its ease, convenience, and accessibility, online thrifting is one of the latest fashion trends that shows no sign of slowing down.

What is Resale?

Resale fashion is when online consignment stores give a second life to pre-loved luxury fashion and sell it at an affordable retail price. Due to the nature of resale fashion, many pieces are sourced from designer brands. You can find rare luxury closet items from a fabled Gucci bag to limited-edition Louis Vuitton apparel and everything in between.

Why is it Trending?

Although growing eco-consciousness is a factor in the rising popularity of online thrifting and resale fashion, the element of obtaining luxury items at a lower price is also a powerful driving force that puts these trends on top. 

That’s why consumers now recognize the value of shopping for second-hand items. They consider this a movement toward sustainable fashion. In addition to reducing their contribution to textile waste, they also see this as an opportunity to collect rare finds for a good deal. 

In a culture that celebrates freedom of expression and individuality, unique and one-of-a-kind vintage fashion finds have a significant advantage. 

How Has Instagram Encouraged the Second-Hand Clothing Trend?

Instagram is a platform for consumers to easily discover curated selections of second-hand pieces — like luxury handbags and other pre-loved items — from some of the best designer resale sites and influencers. When preloved luxury items make it to an online personality’s page, they become popular and even desirable. Because of this, many of their followers turn to second-hand clothing brands and luxury resale sites to participate in the trend. 

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram Through the Second-Hand Clothing Trend

If you want to become a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion influencer on Instagram, here’s what you need to do.

Visit Decades Inc.

Start by heading to the luxury resale site Decades Inc. website and browse through the collection of luxury pieces.

Purchase a Pre-Owned Designer Item

Once you find pre-owned designer items that you love — whether they’re pre-owned designer handbags, fine jewelry, or other vintage pieces — purchase them. 

Post a Selfie on Instagram

After the item gets delivered to your doorstep, try it on and snap a photo. Then, share it on Instagram, using the hashtags #preowneddesigner and #preownedvintage. 

Link Your Post to the Decades Inc. Website

Don’t forget to link your post to the Decades Inc. website so your photo can be promoted online!

Who Are Decades Inc.?

As a luxury closet founded by Cameron Silver, Decades Inc. is a resale platform that houses an unparalleled collection of pre-loved luxury items. With beloved luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Fendi, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Saint Laurent, you can find timeless pre-owned designer clothing and vintage treasures that will elevate your style. Explore our online shop or reach out to a passionate team of experts so you can transform your fashion dreams into reality. 

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