Designer Focus: Christian Dior, ‘The Designer of Dreams’

When people hear the name Christian Dior, they automatically think of elegance, sophistication, and class. Having been around for more than 100 years, Christian Dior provides some of the most fashionable pieces in the industry for women, men, and even children to wear. 

The luxury fashion brand is widely recognized around the world for its flawless look and craftsmanship. Only the best materials are used to create each piece. Although Christian Dior passed away in 1957, his legacy continues to flourish.

Who Was Christian Dior?

The French fashion designer was born in 1905. Ever since he was a child, he had an artistic mind and a true love for fashion. It was this passion that helped him get his start in the industry. It all began with sketches that he would create and sell at incredibly low prices. He would eventually go on to become one of the leading fashion designers in the fashion industry and overcame many obstacles to get to where he was before his death. His name continues to ring throughout the world.

How to Obtain Christian Dior Apparel

While Christian Dior is commonly worn by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike, the everyday fashionista can still have access to some of the best pieces ever to have been sold by the Christian Dior brand. Dior consignment is an option for those looking to dress in the luxury brand without paying the retail price. 

Decades Inc. offers previously owned pieces that are in fantastic condition and still wearable to this day. Many of these pieces are vintage items that are no longer sold in stores. 

Those who don’t mind wearing previously owned and loved items will have their pick of some of the best luxury consignment pieces by Dior. Finding vintage Dior online at affordable prices is often quite the challenge, but Decades Inc. makes it that much easier for fashionistas to find what they are looking for.

From handbags to dresses and ankle boots to heels, there is no shortage of great Dior selections available. For example, the Dior Harness Ankle Boots are the perfect red leather boots to wear when making a fashion statement. These boots were originally produced in 2001. The Dior Cherry Blossom Heels will take you back to the early 2000s with their bright pink and green color combination with floral print. In addition to finding the perfect pair of pre-loved shoes, you will notice many other affordable Dior items, including skirts, pantsuits, and leather jackets that are sure to be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Love Fashionable Pieces by Christian Dior? Find the Luxury Pieces at Affordable Prices

If you would love to add beautiful pieces by Christian Dior to your closet, Decades Inc. has you covered. We offer luxury Christian Dior clothes and accessories at the best rates around. While visiting our website, you can find the best vintage Dior apparel online and have it shipped directly to you. Contact us today at (323) 746-0480 to speak to a member of our team.

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