How to Find the Best High-Fashion Consignment Bargains Online

If you are a regular shopper at your local Los Angeles consignment store, you know how hard it can be to find great high-fashion, trendy clothing.

Best High-fashion Consignment Bargains Online

For the most part, high-fashion clothes tend to be expensive and not easy to come across at low prices. With a little bit of knowledge about where to shop and what kind of sales are going on, however, shopping for consigned high-fashion items can actually be pretty convenient. You can find some great places to shop in the Los Angeles area and online.

This blog post will talk about the best ways to find high-fashion consignment bargains online.

1. Join Facebook Groups

Several of your friends might be members of Facebook groups that are for buying, selling, and trading consignment clothing—and chances are they haven't told you!

If you have a few friends that are also into designer clothes, just ask them if they know any groups that offer recommendations of where to buy and sell high-fashion consignment clothes.

Join Facebook Groups

If you don't have any friends that like to shop for consignment, use Facebook search and look for "high-fashion consignment" or other related keywords. You might be surprised at how many groups there are for this!

Once you find a Facebook group that you like, you might want to join a couple of different list serves. Look through the posts and see if anyone mentions finding a great piece of designer clothing at an unknown store. Maybe someone has a go-to spot on La Brea Ave or in Santa Monica that always has gems from great designers. Or maybe your new friends prefer to shop online and can direct you to an amazing website, like Decades, Inc.

High-fashion Consignment Store

The more groups that you join, the more consignment and thrift stores you will hear of, and the more opportunities you will have to make a great purchase

Consignment And Thrift Stores

2. Shop Online

If you don't have any friends that buy high-fashion consignment clothes and would be able to give you recommendations, try looking for some online. Most people who are selling designer or trendy clothing want to do everything quickly and will just drop their items off at a local consignment shop.

Get High-fashion Consignment Clothes Online

There is a good chance that the shop will post some of their best items online. They also post items that aren't selling quickly and might offer them at a discounted price. This is the best way to get high-fashion consignment clothes online without having to join any groups.

What to Consider Before Shopping Online:

Below are some of the factors you should consider before shopping for high-fashion consignment online.

What Year Was the Item Made?

Many consignment stores only accept designer clothes that are within three to five years old, so it's important to check the year it was released when trying to find consigned high fashion online. If you see an item that is more than five years old, you can usually negotiate with the seller about whether or not they will take a lower price.

What Size Is the Item?

If you're shopping for high-fashion consignment clothes online, you need to be completely honest about your measurements and what size you wear.

You can't expect a petite-sized shirt to fit like a large-sized shirt, and you can't expect a women's size 8 dress to fit like a women's size 4 dress. Don't buy something you know won't fit because you'll never be able to actually wear and enjoy it.

Which Designer Made It?

Just because someone lists an item as being from a high-fashion designer does not mean that the item was actually made by the brand they have listed.

High-fashion Designer Products

For example, if you see a Louis Vuitton purse for sale, you shouldn't assume that it's the real deal. It might be a fake version or it could even be an off-brand imitation of sorts.

Be sure to look at what kind of tags and labels are on each item and compare them with pictures from designer websites (eBay and Google Images can both help with this).

What Is the Condition of the Item?

Most high-fashion consignment clothes for sale online are older items. This doesn't mean that they're unwearable, but it does mean that you need to look closely at what kind of shape these items are in before agreeing to a price.

High-fashion Consignment In Good Condition

You should be aware that many online sellers will ship these items from the condition they found them, so it's best to look for any odors, rips, tears, holes, or other unusual features.

Some high-fashion consignment clothes have been worn a few times and just need a good wash before you wear them.

3. Look for Clearance Sales

One of the best ways to score some great bargains at your local consignment shop is by waiting for an upcoming sale or clearance event. Many consignment shops will put designated items on clearance to make room for more inventory.

Clearance Sales

If you can't make it out during a sale, try looking around online or calling the shop to see if they post their sales and discounts on their websites and social media pages. That way you will know if their prices are already discounted or if there's even a chance that you could get them at an even cheaper price.

What to Consider Before Shopping Clearance Sales:

Here are  some of the main factors to consider if you are looking for clearance sales on high-fashion consignment clothes:

When Do the Sales Happen?

Some sales will be specific dates, while others might last for weeks or months. Make sure to look up the information about the next sale before going out, or else you may be too early or too late.

What Is the Cutoff Time for Buying Items?

Some sales only last until a specific time of day, while others might allow you to shop online all night. Ensure that you know when the sale starts and ends so that there are no surprises when you go to make a purchase.

What Is the Store's Return and Exchange Policy?

If you're planning on buying some high-fashion consignment clothes online or in person, it's important to know the store's return policy ahead of time. This way you won't have any issues if you find out that an item doesn't fit after trying it on or taking it home.

If they allow exchanges, then you'll have a bit more leeway to get another piece instead.

4. Purchase Designer Clothes from Local Sellers

Finally, take a look at what your local area has to offer. As mentioned above, there are plenty of people selling used clothing to make some quick cash or trim their wardrobes, so why not take advantage of that?

Designer Clothes from Local Sellers

Check out the consignment shops in your neighborhood and online to see what is available. You'll be surprised by how many new pieces from high-fashion designers are given to consignment stores, especially in Los Angeles, CA.

Luckily, you don't have to live in L.A. to take advantage! Many stores put their best designer pieces, costume jewelry, handbags, and shoes online and will ship it to anywhere.

5. Do Your Research!

The best way to ensure that you get the best quality high-fashion consignment clothes is to know what brands are are worth spending money on and which vintage pieces have the best value.

Vintage Pieces For The Best Value

If you understand how much certain items should sell for, you can tell if someone is selling them for a good price. Once you get past some of the initial bargaining awkwardness, shopping secondhand for luxury clothes doesn't have to be difficult!

Are You Still Considering?

High-fashion consignment shops are a great way to get well-known designer brands without having to pay the costly price tag of new items. Just ensure that you know what you're looking for and how to spot quality pieces. Be sure to shop around in your local area before spending too much money on something out of your budget.

If you are in the West Hollywood area, be sure to visit Decades! We are an iconic L.A. vintage and designer consignment shop that has been a staple since 1997. If you are not in the area, please browse our online offerings, including items from Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Christian Dior, and many other high-fashion designers. Check out our website today!

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