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Product Details:
  • "New look" dress from Christian Dior 
  • Tag inside reads "Printemps-Ete 1958"
  • Structured inside and bustier
  • Ruched straps, rosette rings around skirt, and comes with a matching belt
  • Closures on interior and exterior down the back
  • The "new look" was a post WWII fashion moment where fabric conservation was no longer necessary and full voluminous garments were allowed and Christian Dior was at the forefront of this fashion movement
  • Condition: Excellent
  • 30" bust
  • 24" waist
  • 60" length
"New Look" Dress, Printemps Ete 1958 "New Look" Dress, Printemps Ete 1958

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"New Look" Dress, Printemps Ete 1958