The Rise of the Birkin: An Investment Like No Other!


Are you dreaming of buying the iconic Birkin bag from Hermès? The Hermès brand is best known for its exquisite collection, with the Birkin being the most celebrated model.

Like the Hermès sac or Kelly bag, which was named after actress Grace Kelly, this bag derived its name from British actress Jane Birkin. It’s a timeless investment piece, prized not just for its beauty and elegance but also for its value.

Before buying one, let’s learn about its history and why it’s so famous!

Why Do People Consider the Birkin Bag an Investment Rather Than Just Your Everyday Purchase?

When it comes to investing, Birkin handbags are the ultimate currency. They're expensive, trendy, and highly coveted. Created from the finest leather, the bag has long been synonymous with exclusivity and luxury.

For those who lust for the finer things in life, buying this piece means an investment in quality, divine craftsmanship, and sophistication. The bag isn't just a fashion accessory for the stylish trendsetter; it’s a collectible novelty that fetches millions of dollars at auction houses. This makes this bag a sound investment for the future. 

The Hermès History

The Hermès brand (formerly La Montre Hermès) was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes. When the first leather handbags were introduced, the Hermès family couldn't find a specific bag suited to their style preference. For this reason, Thierry Hermès established their iconic fashion house. The purpose was to revolutionize leather bags to fit even the most stylish individual.

Hermès began as a saddlery company that sold products to the upper Paris elite from their retail presence at Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Since then, Hermès introduced other items such as perfume and the Hermès silk tie. After Thierry Hermès, the company was run by several generations, including Robert Dumas Hermès and Patrick Thomas. 

What's So Special About This Brand? --- Jean Louis Dumas

The Birkin model came to life when one day, a woman named Jane Birkin sat beside the current Hermès CEO, Jean Louis Dumas, on a flight from Paris to London. During their conversation, Birkin confided that she had never found a bag large enough to hold all her papers. 

Dumas was inspired by Birkin's complaints and went on to design a durable, versatile bag large enough to hold everything. Dumas named the bag in Jane’s honor, so the Birkin bag was born! 

Birkin Parties

Birkin parties are all the rage these days, with one recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featuring a Birkin-themed birthday party for Garcelle Beauvais. The party episode featured an over-the-top cake version of the iconic Hermès bag.

At the party, the actress joked that this dessert was the closest she’d probably come to the real thing. It’s because she can’t decide to splurge too much money for a bag. To her surprise, Garcelle purchased her first Birkin that day with the cheering support of her friends and co-stars!

Shop Pre-loved Birkin Bags

The Birkin remains a most sought-after bag, thanks to its luxurious craftsmanship and absolute exclusivity. To buy a preloved Birkin and show your most unique personality and style, head to Decades INC. Here, you can find your dream luxury bag and other curated pre-loved items from other luxury designers like Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin.

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