Designer Focus: Gucci, Past and Present

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When people think of luxury fashion and elegant accessories, they often think of Gucci, a brand that has been around for decades and is known for its high-quality materials and unique appearance. Gucci is the type of brand that epitomizes elegance and classiness. It is no wonder why celebrities regularly choose to purchase different pieces that are released to add to their collection of Gucci.

The History of Gucci

Before you can understand the class and sophistication of Gucci, you must first know a bit more about the brand and its history. The Italian luxury brand was first created in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Guccio Gucci was first inspired to create beautiful leather accessories while working at hotels in London. 

He was impressed by the appearance of the luggage that guests were bringing into the hotel with them, and that is when he decided to start his own shop back in his hometown of Florence. He wanted to make sure that anything that was created was made with only the highest quality leather materials and in such a precise manner to create elegant pieces that people would want to purchase.

Guccio Gucci had assistance from three of his children. They worked hard to create sophisticated pieces that people could use and they were eventually able to expand the business even further, opening up shops in Milan and Rome. Over the next several decades, the company continued to expand and a shop was opened in New York City in 1953. Unfortunately, that was the same year that Guccio Gucci passed away, but his sons continued on with his legacy while keeping the Gucci name alive.

luxury consignmentOne of the reasons Gucci products have been greatly appreciated by consumers over the years is due to their distinctive lines on high-quality materials, including satin, bamboo, and leather. Each piece from every collection has a unique touch to it that most consumers love. It is the reason so many people choose to collect Gucci pieces and wear those pieces with different outfits, whether they are going to work, heading out on a date, or even attending a fashion show.

Timeless Pieces That Are Sure to Impress 

While many Gucci pieces come with a hefty price tag attached, there is a way to get these valuable and elegant pieces at a price that is affordable to most people. Now that there are more luxury consignment options, it is possible to slowly but surely build a beautiful collection of vintage Gucci apparel online. Decades is an online consignment shop providing some of the most favored luxury brands, including Gucci.

The Gucci GG Belt is just one of many timeless and impressive pieces you can find on the consignment site. Listed at a much lower price than retail, the Gucci GG Belt has a gold-tone buckle with the traditional interlocking logo and a brown leather strap. The belt may be worn around the waist with jeans, trousers, or even skirts. It is one of several Gucci consignment pieces that are listed on the website.

When looking for vintage Gucci online, the Gucci 1973 Satchel is a great choice. Also available on Decades, it is made of black suede material, has a beautiful orange trim, two spacious pockets, and the signature GG logo on the front of the satchel.

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